Process Engineer

Address:No. 80 Benfa Road, Zhonglou District, Changzhou City


1. Responsible for the countersigning of new product drawings, process planning, validation plan planning, validation of various processes, preparation of product and packaging operation instructions, and completion of trial production reports.

2. Responsible for the improvement of mature product process documents and the archiving of relevant process data.

3. Responsible for the verification, application, and promotion of new products, processes, and materials, as well as verifying the feasibility of mass production of products.

4. Participate in the acceptance and improvement of new equipment and tooling.

5. Responsible for the preparation of product process flowchart and PFMEA process documents.

6. Responsible for improving and converting BOM files in product PLM.

7. Participate in on-site process discipline inspections and provide training and guidance on process operations for workshop employees, enabling them to proficiently master product production processes and related process equipment operations.

8. Participate in the preparation of new project TR materials, OTS review materials, and PPAP review materials.

9. Participate in the review of non-conforming products and provide review opinions.

10. Participate in product structure review to ensure that the product structure meets process requirements.


1. At least 2 years of work experience in the same position, with priority given to those with experience in large water pumps and oil pumps.

2. Understand the machining process of commonly used motor components.

3. Proficient in using commonly used inspection tools, proficient in using office software and 2D software such as CAD and CAXA, able to operate 3D software.

4. Understand IATF16949 and be proficient in using FMEA.

5. Strong communication skills, good interpersonal relationships, and a strong sense of innovation.