Supplier quality engineer

Address:No. 13 Lihua North Road, Tianning District, Changzhou City/No. 80 Benfa Road, Zhonglou District, Changzhou City


1. Supplier quality management.

2. Potential supplier audit NSA.

3. Handle supplier incoming material issues, review and update inspection instructions.

4. Rectification of supplier quality issues and continuous promotion of CQI.

5. Docking with external customer system audits.


1. Undergraduate

2. More than 5 years of quality management experience in automotive industry related component suppliers

3. Proficient in mastering the five major tools APQP, PPAP, FMEA.MSA, SPC

4. Familiar with injection molding, stamping, machining and other process types of products

5. Experience in managing APQP projects throughout the product lifecycle

6. Having experience in auditing external customer systems (supplier quality management module)

7. Possess teamwork and communication skills